2020 annual cool gadgets roundup(Part 2): 5 gadgets to enhance the quality of life

Jan 05,2021


There are some cool gadgets in 2020 that not only surprise us unexpectedly, but also greatly improve our quality of life. In the previous article we listed 5 popular cool gadgets, today let's see what are the other 5 popular cool gadgets. These cool gadgets as a gift to friends, are very good choice.

2020 annual cool gadgets roundup(Part 1): 5 gadgets to enhance the quality of life

2020 annual cool gadgets - TOTONUT hot massage lumbar support 

Back pain and discomfort? May use this hot massage lumbar support, through the ergonomic degree of curvature, to the waist to do massage stretch.


It is usually sitting and put, it can be a comfortable lumbar support, sit on it and feel the waist is supported at once, will not be suspended very tired.

This is mainly due to the material it uses: Huntsman's improved material "Big Black Gold".

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TOTONUT in the raw material based on the design of the strengthening support force, to get a high rebound speed, high durability of the special formula, enough to give strong support to the spine.

Although the usual sitting posture may not be correct, but after lying down, the lumbar vertebrae will be traction to the natural curve state, and all five lumbar vertebrae are opened. The cervical spine can also use it to traction.

Every day by it, not only lumbar pain is much better, it also makes me unconsciously uplift the waist, not to contain the chest, the physique is also much better.

2020 annual cool gadgets - SKYMEN Multi-purpose Ultrasonic Glasses Cleaner

The glasses that you usually wear can get stuck with grease and debris and dirt, so why not get an ultrasonic cleaning machine to solve the problem of cleaning glasses "once and for all"?

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It is the same as the machine that washes your glasses in the optical store, using high frequency ultrasonic cleaning.

The frequency of vibration is controlled at 46 KHz to ensure the cleaning effect while not damaging your objects. (Note: Glasses with anti-blue light coating are not commonly used)


The clean water is poured in, the machine is turned on and cleaned in 3 minutes, the stains visible to the naked eye are vibrated out! The glasses are clean, the world is no longer a blur, and the vision of wearing glasses is a lot more comfortable.

Not only can you clean glasses, crawfish, razors, waterproof watches ...... can use this ultrasonic cleaning machine to wash away the sweat stains that can't be wiped off, and the grease that is difficult to clean in the crevices.

In fact, jewelry can also be cleaned with it, but consulted with professionals, the answer is that cleaning jewelry with ultrasonic, it is best not to use water, easy to lose color, you need to pour into the special jewelry cleaning solution can be.

This ultrasonic glasses cleaning box, a report shows: cleaned items, sterilization rate of 98%. The items used are clean, and there is no itchy feeling when you wear them, so the cleanliness party needs to get them.

2020 annual cool gadgets - Japan Bluem Oral Poppers

This bluem oral candy from Japan has a high repurchase rate, and although it is small, it has rightly become our "cool gadgets of the year".

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Frankincense from the Greek island of Chios in the Aegean Sea was used, and 2 boxes of popping beads contained 1 year's worth of Frankincense oil from 1 Frankincense tree.

The New England Journal of Medicine study showed that the bactericidal concentration of frankincense on all strains tested was 0.06 mg/mL for 24 hours, meaning that only 0.06 ml of frankincense oil was needed to have an antibacterial effect.

One capsule before and after each meal, can inhibit harmful bacteria in the mouth, swallowed directly to help combat the stomach HP, long-term eating stomach and stomach care, new oral cavity, but also can be fresh breath anywhere, anytime.

The harmful bacteria in the mouth are gone, and the annoying bad breath is naturally gone. There is also a creamy vanilla scent in the mouth cream as if with a bright sense of sunshine, rich and full but not heavy and stimulating, a breath of freshness.

2020 annual cool gadgets - Skyworth refrigerator purifier with anti-bacteria

Every time you open the refrigerator door there is a smell, in fact, the refrigerator is the second dirty place in the house, and the existence of health hazards more.


Only the refrigerator fresh or not reliable enough, but also have to have this refrigerator companion black technology products to do, so eat the food clean and fresh.

Recommend this odor purifying, sterilizing and freshness preserving black technology product - Skyworth Refrigerator Purifier.

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Simulates lightning generation - ozone (O3), eliminates refrigerator odors directly from the source. Ozone can break down odor molecules into odorless, non-toxic and harmless carbon dioxide, water and oxygen thus eliminating odors.

It releases 2-3mg/h of ozone per hour, which can act directly with bacteria, destroying their organelles and DNA, causing their metabolism to be damaged, thus killing bacteria.

Designed to overflow to every corner of the refrigerator in a three-dimensional manner, it captures and decomposes odor molecules, thus achieving deodorization and sterilization effects.

Similarly for the degree of freshness of fruits and vegetables, it is also a credit.

Vegetables and fruits in the process of ripening, will secrete a plant hormone - ethylene. It is equivalent to ripening agent, can accelerate the ripening of fruits and vegetables, the more secretion of fruits and vegetables corruption faster.

The purifier, by releasing ozone to consume the ethylene produced by fresh fruits and vegetables, inhibit the ripening of fruits and vegetables to extend the shelf life.

2020 annual cool gadgets - inWEJIA Toilet Bowl Cleaning Gel

We all know that toilets are dirty, but we don't know how to clean them effectively. This bottle of gel, put it in the tank, press flush, and it will last for half a year. Save your time and effort.

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With 50% natural plant surfactants, it disintegrates alkaline stains in a short time and has 5 times more cleaning power than ordinary toilet bowl.

The use of new gel slow-release technology, each time you can evenly flush, the edges are clean and not hanging wall! Tested by professional institutions, the anti-bacteria and anti-bacteria rate of up to 99.9%, but also 72 hours long-lasting anti-bacteria.


Durable cost-effective thief, a bottle can be flushed on average about 1588 times, half a year to change.

2020 annual cool gadgets inventory is here, the 10 cool gadgets have you like it? As a gift to friends is also a very good choice Oh!