2020 annual cool gadgets roundup(Part 1): 5 gadgets to enhance the quality of life

Jan 04,2021

As we enter 2021, imageek has been with you for another year.

Since the second half of last year, we have recommended so many cool gadgets to you, it's time to organize the cool gadgets with the most positive reviews and high repurchase rate for the past year, which is also a summary of the past.


Some of these cool gadgets can not only give us unexpected surprises, but also greatly improve the quality of our lives. Take a look, these 10 highly popular cool gadgets, have you missed? These cool gadgets as a gift to friends, is also a very good choice.

cool gadgets - SmartMi GR-H new heater

This new heater GR-H can heat up the whole house in 3 seconds and instantly conquer the cold me.


Different from the traditional heater, it uses graphene up to 0.9 thermal radiation characteristics, radiation of sunlight the same far-infrared radiation heat, like an additional "invisible sun" at home.

In addition, the bottom of the design of the air inlet, the panel design of multi-porous air outlet to form a heat circulation convection, so that far-infrared and the resulting heat radiation energy better distributed to the whole house.

It can heat up the whole house by 4 degrees in one hour, which is warm but not dry.

We also found a room of about 15 square meters to test the whole house heating effect of the SmartMi heater.

The initial room temperature was 20.6 degrees and the humidity was 53%.

When the SmartMi heater was turned on to the maximum setting, the room began to warm up significantly after 5 minutes; after 20 minutes, the temperature at the other end of the room had risen by 1 degree.

After 1 hour, the overall temperature in the room rose to 24.5℃ and the humidity dropped to 43%, the temperature was more even in all corners of the room and the humidity performance was not bad. This cool gadgets as a gift for friends, is a great choice.

cool gadgets - Deerma Vacuum Cleaner VC01 Max

Technically speaking, Deerma's VC01 made our Goodies of the Year list in early 2020, but at the end of the year they came out with this upgraded VC01 Max, which has a new breakthrough feature on top of the original - suction and mopping in one.


Deerma's new feature allows you to vacuum and mop at the same time, greatly improving efficiency.

The method of use is also quite simple and brainless, wet mopping components filled with water, directly to the vacuum cleaner body in the form of magnetic suction, you can complete the installation and removal, no need to bend the waist.

The vacuum cleaner is good or not depends on the suction power, when the suction power is not enough, you can not take anything away.

After iteration, it has been replaced with a brushless digital motor that has been used in the high-end line of vacuuming. The vacuum degree is 12,000 Pa. The most important dust, paper dust, and hair in the house are swept away and vacuumed at once.

With standard mode and powerful mode 2 gears. The standard mode lasts longer than the original, lasting about 45 minutes, and the powerful mode lasts about 30 minutes.

It is also sufficient for cleaning a large 120 square foot house.

Also equipped with a variety of nozzles. Wooden floors, carpets, cabinet tops, fabric sofas, curtains, mosquito screens, in the car ...... For many occasions. This cool gadgets is a great choice as a gift for a friend.

Lighter than the original version, less than 1kg, the important thing is cost-effective, for rental rooms, small rooms are very practical, cost-effective.

cool gadgets - NAUTICA American classic flap shoulder bag

Founded in 1983 by Chinese-American designer Chin-Ti Chu, Nautica's design philosophy is to incorporate inspiration from the sea into people's everyday wear.


And Nautica's flap shoulder bag also combines several popular styles: American style, commuting and practical, minimalist and can be loaded.

Its lines are more rigid and generous than the ones we recommended before. It's not too rugged and not too mini.


With a simple tone, there is no extra cumbersome, creating a sense of engineering beauty. Commuting, leisure, business, travel, outdoor ...... how to match are not incongruous, how to carry how to look good.

The special feature is that there are two layers of zipper design on the top and bottom + front flap design to make the access more convenient, so you can reach out and get it without twisting and turning.

It can hold a 15-inch computer, and the laptop has a separate compartment on the back that can be zipped open and removed separately. This cool gadgets is a great choice as a gift for a friend.

The main material of the shoulder bag is nylon and leather with. In the light will reflect a different sense of texture, so that the pure black color scheme, become less monotonous and rigid.

More practical is that it has a water cup slot on the side, water cups put in, but also to do an invisible package, so that the water cups are not so abrupt and eye-catching, for the health of the family with insulation cup to solve the needs.

cool gadgets - Neck Massager

Always sitting for 8 hours, low head, neck pain? Netease this EMS neck massage instrument designed for white-collar workers, just what workers need.


Different from the past, now the massage instrument is the level of fashion accessories, the appearance is a bit like headphones, worn on the neck, very comfortable and light.

EMS electric pulse massage, can relax the muscles in a short time, soothe the neck because of sedentary, head down and other long time to maintain the same posture and soreness.


The massager is very comfortable to use, the value is also very high, easy to carry, the body is ultra-light, many advantages. This cool gadgets as a gift to friends, is great and stylish choice.

EMS low-frequency electrical impulses are more efficient and direct than "spending an hour rubbing your muscles", which is more like a good thing to relieve neck pain in 15 minutes.

For example, if you are uncomfortable with your neck, you have to go through the traditional massage, kneading away a 2, 3 days to soothe things, EMS can do it in just 15 minutes.

After the day of use, the pain is immediately relieved, which is the main reason why NetEase and imageek recommends this new type of massage.

cool gadgets - Future Utopia Men's Workwear Martin Boots

The rugged hardcore rubber outsole and 5 cm heel add to the height. So how versatile is this pair of boots? Boots + work pants; boots + jeans; boots + casual sweatpants ...... all kinds of matching.


The boot's mouth is made of knitted material, soft, contraction free, elastic just the right amount of no strangulation.

The entire body of the shoe is too high elasticity to be true, and the lightweight, pressure-reducing rubber sole is not afraid to bend at will. Feel the Martin boots cut like a knife foot, you know how rare a pair of "stylish but not hard" boots!