Xiaomi bracelet 6 brief review: the screen is clearer and more comprehensive, runway - shaped comprehensive screen

Apr 09,2021

Generations of millet bracelet penetration rate are very high because it is small enough to use, the new millet bracelet six levels is equipped with a 1.56 -inch retina runway full screen, millet made a concept, and the full runway screen, the screen on the phone ring cutting technology is introduced into the hand, through the double diamond laser cutting custom millet band six-screen, namely "the runway form full screen", is, in fact, similar stadium runway semicircle shape on either side of the screen, by millet an explanation is very tall.


Configuration, to match the higher resolution screens, millet band six has rich individuality dial, IP dial, custom dial and wrist strap colour, also has a specific improvement on the function, support the blood oxygen saturation detecting, 30 kinds of motion mode, also help across all compatible brand features, almost is to give, applicability broader is a cost-effective sports health aides.

The 1.56-inch screen on the Mi Band 6 is a significant upgrade. It uses perforate-cut technology on the outside to increase the display area by 50% and achieve a retina rating at 326 PPI, which is not bad enough in the band world. Sliding up, down, left and right on the screen is very smooth, but the current development of mobile phone screen is moving towards a high refresh rate. I am used to the screen of my mobile phone, and I may be a little hesitant about the regular frame number of the screen of Mi Band 6.


Paired with a mobile phone connection, the dial can visually display the date-time, weather, heart rate, steps, vigour index, heat, and power consumption information, such as millet movement inside the app will display the bracelet, the various parameters, including battery, the current wallpaper, ring dial hand ring Settings and find the bracelet, and other functions, the built-in dial mall too much to let a person dazzling. Of good quality, each almost has a unique sense of design.


Mi Bracelet 6 has added the function of blood oxygen saturation monitoring, which supports turning on at night. Continuous measurement can be carried out. The internal auxiliary sleep monitoring can be used to judge the breathing quality during sleep and provide health report according to the changes in heart rate and blood oxygen during sleep. At present, the Huawei bracelet is better in sleep monitoring, and this function of Xiaomi is also making continuous progress. The built-in high-performance PPG biosensor of Xiaomi bracelet 6 reduces irregular movements interference, and it can be calculated according to the change rules of heart rate variability and respiratory information during sleep to provide an analysis report.

In terms of other configurations, the Mi Band 6 has a built-in six-axis sensor, which supports 50-meter swimming and waterproof, and 19 new sports modes are added. The NFC version also has a built-in voice intelligent assistant named Xiao Ai, connected with mobile phones and connected to smart homes. In terms of heart rate monitoring, Mi Band 6 adds abnormal heartbeat warning based on routine monitoring, evaluates the heart condition by measuring the heart rate 24 hours a day with the bracelet, and suggests irregular heartbeats.


Millet bracelets have been popular at present the parity of intelligent hand ring, the millet band six upgrade level 1.56 -inch retina screen to make it more heat released almost more than the new mobile phone, its main selling point addition to the screen is price. However, its worth with the increase of hardware cost for each generation rose slightly; the configuration upgrade more, according to the current pre-sale prices, it is still a bracelet of the high-performance products.