The Sony NW-A105HN Student Party is well worth considering for the listening kit

Apr 08,2021

With a history of more than 40 years, Walkman has produced many classic and benchmark products, and the current products are also changing with the tastes of consumer groups. Audio may be changing the market by moving toward wireless portability, but the pursuit of sound quality hasn't changed at all.


Since the popularity of multi-unit earphones, the high premium of earphones has significantly exceeded that of players. The BOM (material cost) of a convenient earphone is usually lower than that of the player product, and the sound feeling is quite different. More details, craftsmanship, technical considerations, warranties, and OTA upgrades make it harder to keep the player updated. So at present, the high-end players are outstanding but very expensive, and there are few choices of low-end brands.


In 2021, there may still be some people who doubt the existence of wired headphones?

The new generation of consumers has proven to be a significant change in focus. Wired headsets allow for more personality: textures, colour, appearance level, drive unit, and even low latency. The same goes for the player: technology, sound, and battery life are reasons to pay. In line with the principle of the pursuit of a good voice, the number of new entrants is not reduced but increased so that the entry-level player and thousand-yuan earplug are straightforward to be sought after.


With a new understanding, the latest fashion of letting music be enjoyed is quietly changing.

Choosing a thousand-dollar player isn't precisely a high-cost choice, but it's worth doing some comparison work for first-time indie music players. I often advise on choosing popular models from major companies. Take Sony, for example. At the moment, it offers A55 and A105 models for the 1000 Yuan range. The latter, the A105 (due out in 2019), comes with Android, which is more in line with the current support for streaming music and is a testament to the buy-new, buy-old rule.

So affirmation also someone asked, issued a year many, can proceed with now deficit? Based on my personal experience, the price of any 3C product will fall back to a period of price stability after a year or so of release. On the other hand, Sony is slow to come up with new products, and music players are typical of long iteration cycles, so a year after the launch of a single product is the best time to buy.

Back to A105 itself, it is the main consumption area; user portrait is relatively straightforward. It is perfect for students on a limited budget or users who don't want to spend a lot of money on equipment but can get an upgrade. The A015HN is a derivative of the A105, with one more IER-NW510N in the machine to meet two users' needs. You're the sheep, so what do you think of this cork? The II-NW510N is not just a pair of earbuds; Sony has been clever to add its active noise reduction and integration strengths. At the price tag alone, these units are less expensive than the AirPods Pro and are highly user-friendly to ANC customers. We have to say that Dafa's knife method is very accurate, and the price can be defended so that the student party has no pressure to start.


Sony's industrial design aesthetic has always had its understanding that the big screen alone is not as good as some of the high-end, expensive player brands. Given Sony's wide range of product lines, the A105's artistry details are well-honed, faith aside. In particular, the same aluminium shell as the ZX300, with a 3.6-inch (1280x720 resolution) screen scale pulled to 18:9, enhances the visual impact.


The Dafa player's physical buttons are very comprehensive and reserved for each generation, making it a more practical design than even the larger screen. Also, the C port and TF card are all routine operations. A105 has no hip pull and no breakthrough. It can only be said that it is just right. Although positioned at the consumption level, it does not have to spend a lot of money to change the line so that the NW-A100 series can be more than one more perfect balance interface.


Music players using Android were added mainly to cater to streaming music. Generally speaking, Android players are weaker in battery life, and the A105 is no exception. However, I recently upgraded version 4.02.00 and found that the battery life has improved during use. Of course, I understand the battery life because the player's earliest purchase is to take both listenings to music mobile phone to compare, a single device listening to music has dramatically alleviated the battery life of the mobile phone. Unless there is a long-term stable supply of lossless sound quality, it is impossible to eliminate the demand for streaming music. On the other hand, Sony is also building its Hi-Res music platform, so the trend is there, and it's natural to know what to do.


The A105 comes with 16GB, which is about 6GB+ except for Android. It's no stress to pack thousands of 320kps MP3 players. Of course, I do not recommend that we use body storage for playing songs. It is better to leave it to the rigid requirements of APP, streaming media cache and built-in download (please choose A106 for APP heavy users). I have tried the TF card, which can support 512GB (higher than necessary). Generally, one card is enough for daily use. With streaming media for online listening, no one should be short of it.

There are many different ways to listen to music. However, the player's unique advantages are still outstanding: light and portable, expanded capacity, non-destructive support, improved sound quality, independent battery life. All of this emphasizes "focus," which, like e-ink screens, can reduce distractions and improve productivity when studying or working. IER-NW510N with a built-in microphone cooperates with the noise reduction processor to achieve active noise reduction and ambient sound effect, further replacing the use requirements of TWS headphones in specific environments.


In terms of active noise reduction and ambient sound effects, the IIL-NW510N experience is significantly different from that of multi-microphone headphones like the AirPods Pro. In terms of noise reduction, the IIL-NW510N reverse sound wave effect is weaker than the AirPods Pro. Still, its entire 30-40dB noise reduction headset is the same as the discomfort ear pressure, and the A105HN provides ±15 levels of noise reduction adjustment, which can reach about 20dB. Ambient sound effects are relatively simple and violent, so the IIL-NW510N is no worse than the AirPods Pro, or just a little different. The same as A105HN provides, ±15 levels of ambient sound volume can be adjusted, which is in line with picking up sound in some relatively quiet environments.

IER-NW510N is used as a plugin for the package. I believe that Sony engineers have confidence in its tuning, so I will not compare and test other headphones. In summary, the premium of IER-NW510N to HN is only 300 yuan, which is the starting line of Sony headset price. With the built-in microphone's motion-sensitive bonus, students who want to buy the A105HN package are paying off. The A105 also supports a stack of high-definition wireless protocols and technologies (LDAC, DSEE HX, and S-Master HX), as well as the WH-1000MX4 wireless noise cancellation.

The A105 is built for pop music, and it's a hit with Fly by Midnight's "Love Me Like a Friend." In the beginning, the silence part of the voice turns into the song itself, and the emotional introduction and release and cohesion all show the singer's unique languid feeling. The background is separated from the vocals but not so far apart that the chorus can be mixed up again. Maybe I heard more high-resolution multi-unit plug; IER-NW510N is not so much detail; after all, TA is only a 6mm single moving coil plugin hardware. But have to say, the low-frequency performance is commendable; there is no turbidity is my objective evaluation of it. Relatively high frequency, medium frequency restore singer emotional expression is better, the saliva sound should be in, the whole male and female voice can be, no female poison tendency.

In conclusion, in fact, in the beginning, I thought that A105HN was suitable for students with a limited budget. When I started to find that Dafa is still slightly better, positioning is not lost A100 series "heir". We should know that compared with the accurate high-end models, DAFA is "very powerful"; otherwise, it would not be "SO60,000" or hard currency WM1A. At the same time, we should not forget that Dafa is also one of the earliest international manufacturers to play with colour matching headphones, so it still has a deep understanding of popular products. It is fair to say that A105/A55 is an excellent example of the first step in mass access to independent audio products as a gradient product classification.

A105HN is a relatively perfect set of mobile phone music replacement package. With its integrated chip, wired headphones can also enjoy active noise reduction and ambient sound effects. With its relatively light body, commuting out of the street is stress-free. The open Android system also sees the determination of Dafa to cater to the market, convenient and easy to use is really for the needs of people to consider.