Several suitable for the holiday home together to play the Switch parent-child games

Apr 07,2021

With the emergence of top-rated games like Animal Friends, and with the outbreak of the epidemic making it easier to play games at home than at home, Nintendo Switch is arguably the best-selling game console of 2020, and at one point, it was hard to get one!

Many parents will question how to play games for their children. Play games delay learning, and once addicted to the consequences are unthinkable!

But from the perspective of my brother playing the game, I support it, but the premise must be under the guidance of parents! Kids can learn a lot more from the toys than "play.


In learning to grow up, find their own goals, and there is a sense museum inside, really super, turnip is especially suitable for the education of children's "financial intelligence", to establish a simple but a minor meaningful economic system.

Most of all, the friendship in Sunson is warm and loving from the funny little animal residents. So see, you can't beat yourself to death instantly by playing games, and you can learn from them!

So, let's get to the theme. Switch parent-child game for kids to play at home together, and see what I recommend you to play!

Again, playtime needs to be controlled by adults, not to mention children, if you're addicted to it yourself.

Happy New Year Dance Just Dance 2020


All the Power 2020 is a game for men and women of all ages. As long as you hold Joy-Con, you can dance with the characters on the screen. Up to 6 Joy-Con connections can be supported. There is no problem with a family size together!

Just Dance 2020 features 40 top chart hits and has access to more than 500 songs from Just Dance Unlimited. The most notable point is that the game also has a child mode; even if the children do not have a dance background can experience the fun of dancing together.


The game style is charming, intense colour, much divine comedy brainwashed, shark baby, shark baby, super, once started while don't stop ~ brother and sister.

As the house consumes the divine animal physical strength essential artefact, I most recommend is it!

Classic IP Super Mario Party


There are 80 kinds of fun games in Super Mario Party, including 80 games, which support four people to work together or fight against each other and play different types of games such as action, rhythm, reaction and strategy. In-play, at the same time, can test the children's hand brain coordination ability.


It can take hours to play all the mini-games, and best of all, Super Mario Party is so easy to pick up and enjoy for the whole family!


Classic IP Mario has a unique sense of generation, as if to return to the red and white machine world when I was a child, my brother likes to playboating because after hitting the balloon, there will be a random little game; this is his favourite!

Of course, there are some challenging levels that we will help him pass. After all, asking a 4-year-old child to play a tough game for adults will exert too much pressure on him and lead to his lack of confidence or interest in the game. The balance should be adjusted by oneself.

Play 1-2-Switch face to face


Other games are to face the screen together, but in the 12Switch, many games are parents and children face to face to play together, although the game is simple, win in the interaction is very strong, children generally like it!

The game uses multiple levels of perception, such as the need to calmly feel the number of waves in a virtual box, a game that tests the shooter's quick eyes, a Catwalk game that moves quickly, and so on. The game also trains the children in different reactions.

Happy and interesting zoo

Fun! Fun! Animal

The game is full of a variety of cute animals, including pandas, penguins, etc., a total of 30 kinds of games, you can simulate the story of the competition, or can choose a separate match, let parents feel like being in a zoo, see the cute form of different animals!


This is a fun party game full of joy, and even the whole Chinese voice, let that kind of funny more intense feeling, how funny is tough to use a few words to understand, it is suggested that you take your children to play personally ~


Sensational Carnival Games

The latest Carnival Games will be able to use the shared controller feature for up to 4 players and support various Joycon features. The game includes 20 mini-games.


The games are straightforward, such as ring, bowling, shooting and so on, very suitable for the whole family, old and young, to play together, there are immersive feeling in the arcade.


Gather Up! Animal Moratorium Club


It's a highly recommended game, so here we are at the end! Set nurture, construction, picking, fishing, creation, change clothes, pinch face in one. The uninhabited island is the game background to start a new life by fishing, picking branches, fruit and other ways to explore the island life.

There are no main quests in the whole game, and it is an exemplary cure system.


The popularity of Sorensen is not without foundation. With its rich gameplay, exquisite game details and lovely islanders, Sorensen has built a Utopia without deception and harm for players, which is very suitable for young gamers.

The picture is very soft, very suitable for young friends, don't worry about suddenly appearing in the process of playing information, and photographs that are not suitable for children. Parents can rest assured that their children can play. Of course, if you want to look for a "Xanadu" to get a moment of quiet in this chaotic world, you can have it!

It is worth mentioning that the children's finger manipulation of the Switch completely subverts my cognition of children. Unexpectedly, he uses the handle remote sensing and buttons of Switch naturally and skillfully, just like an old driver player, and the child is always more capable than we imagine.


While playing "Anime," children need to learn skills, such as how to build houses, how to catch animals, such as raising plants, and how to survive in the wild. They also need to match husband tools to different skills, knowing that only through labour can you gain.

In the process of continuous training of these skills, the game can improve the efficiency of the game and let the child understand the significance and importance of repeated practice and understand the process from quantitative change to qualitative change.

The world of "Sensen" is like a small society, and once on the island, it suffers from the debt pressure of capitalists. Not only do you have a mortgage, but the goods inside are marked with prices. If you want to buy furniture and clothes that you like, you need to earn more money, and if you're going to live in a big house, you need to pay off more loans.

To buy clothes, furniture, or travel abroad, children need to work, pull weeds, pick fruit, catch insects, and exchange for money.

Only by experiencing the exchange of labour and money can children understand the meaning and value behind cash.

Children's tastes are more diverse and friendly than ours. What many adults see as strange animal neighbours are, in their eyes, good friends they've been with for a long time.

This is what parents should encourage. Let children appreciate the diversity of personality (looks, personalities and gender), understand each individual's uniqueness, and genuinely look for the best in each individual.

I think the above games can improve the child's finger manipulation, movement coordination, observation, communication, and so on and give her a chance to learn simple financial intelligence and emotional intelligence in dealing with people.

But there will inevitably be addictions, such as sometimes my brother gets up in the morning and wants to play games, but the time we set is after the afternoon nap or the parent-child time with Q dad in the evening.

We will use the method in the Senson, such as to complete other projects, accumulate points, and redeem the game time because the game children can also understand such practices and rules, so see, playing games can not be defined as evil.