Playing Rise of Monster Hunter is teased as a new hunter? Reading this article will make you a real old hunter

Apr 07,2021

This article introduces the history of the game Monster Hunter and the purchase guide for the new game Monster Hunter Rise. The report is more extended; it is suggested to collect.

Are all your friends talking about Monster Hunter recently? So what is Monster Hunter exactly? Strange hunting game mode is straightforward, is to collect hunting and production. Search for resources in each map by picking up quests. Then defeat the monster, and then extract the material to make even more powerful equipment. Then go on to challenge even more powerful monsters. Because it is challenging to master, it is also called "monster abuse".


1. Monster Hunter

Release time: 2014.03.14

Release Platform: PS2

At the beginning of the first generation, it is just a Capcom online games for a tentative work network. Four players are encouraged to hunt online through the server. But at that time, Capcom's focus was on Resident Evil. It was not until late in development that it found that the network function was terrible, and then it had to add a single-player offline system. However, in offline mode, there are only lower difficulty tasks. If you want to play upper jobs, you can only play online.

In terms of weapons, the range of weapons is also relatively small. Only the giant sword, the sword, the sledgehammer, the long spear and the crossbow. Outbound only a piece of the blade, no armour. It is the first knife, equipped with all the liver. Also, the first version of the sword can not use props while holding the sword; large pieces do not have the power to cut, sledgehammer hitting the head does not have the stun effect. Also, it is challenging to do equipment in the early stage (because the official encouragement is to play online game mode, which can only make you unhappy playing offline mode). In the offline mode, there are few tasks, fewer monsters, and relatively low rewards. What makes people feel bad is that the stamina bar is consumed very fast. Above all, making the early hunting difficult is more considerable, cut down a small strange, and special laborious.

In online mode, it is said that there will be new quests posted online every week, which will make the online way of Monster Hunt more interesting. But unfortunately, we can't experience it now; all the online servers have been shut down.

2. Monster Hunter G


Release time: 2005.01.20

Release Platform: PS2

Because the first one let Capcom taste sweet, so it took only ten months to launch a new product; strictly speaking, this work is only an extension of the first generation and can also inherit the first generation's archives. Back then, buying Monster Hunter G was the equivalent of purchasing the original and G expansions. Compared to the current DLC that doesn't have a body, Monster Hunter G is a big, sweet scene.

Monster Hunter G added a training house on the game side, introduced a new weapon, Double Sword, and added a large number of weapons to the existing classes. The concept of subspecies and rare species was also introduced, and the difficulty and action were increased. In the online mode, the G-pole task is made more complex than the previous task.

3. Monster Hunter Pocket Edition

Release time: 2005.12.01

Distribution platform: PSP

Capcom, which launched Monster Hunter G earlier this year, has its sights set on consoles and finished a Monster Hunter G remake on the PSP at the end of the year.

In the portable version of the player, finally, without online, you can experience almost all the tasks and increase the weapon's attack force and reduce the physical strength of blaming me. Thanks to the PSP's connectivity, players could get rid of the bad Internet connection, which significantly improved the game experience and helped build the franchise's reputation. If you're a veteran of the PS2 experience, it's not going to be much easier. The cost of pre-production equipment has been directly reduced by half, and the task compensation has also been increased. It is amicable. The starting weapon is no longer just a sword, but there is still no armour. In terms of operation, the joystick is no longer used. Weapon moves have also been improved, such as the third strike with a sledgehammer and an upward swing for the last strike, ensuring that all three strikes are effective against giant monsters.

4. Monster Hunter 2

Release time: 2006.02.16

Release Platform: PS2

Monster Hunter 2 is technically the second game in the series. With the addition of a brand new map and a large number of monsters, the number of colognes has increased dramatically, and a total of 12 colognes have appeared with the addition of subspecies. It also added monster types, such as crustaceans and odontoid. With the addition of a lot of equipment, the popular Taidao weapon has finally appeared (although it doesn't have the same ability to boost damage and save lives as the Taidao in the later versions). Other weapons, such as hunting flutes, blunderbuss and bows, were also first introduced. A jewellery system has also been added to increase the ability of armour. - Added a seasonal system for the first and only time, with some monsters appearing only in certain seasons. In combat, sworders can now use items while holding a sword. The most important thing is that our big brother's weapon, the big sword, has finally ushered in its soul move -- Xueli Chop.

5. Monster Hunter Pocket 2

Release time: 2007.02.22

Distribution platform: PSP

Portable 2 is a new game based on the world view of Monster Hunter 2. This shows how much Capcom takes this work on the console. Unlike the monster hunters, the hunters were born in a small village at the foot of a snow-capped mountain called Pokai. Pocket version 2 inherits and ADAPTS the weapon changes from monster hunter 2, with a significant attack bonus when the blade is stacked with air blades. In addition to returning to the familiar button output, the new addition of the snow mountain map, the strange boom ye cover is also the first time. It also solves the shortcomings of the previous game's slow pace, which makes this work reach a new height in the game experience.

6. Monster Hunter Pocket 2G

Release time: 2008.03

Distribution platform: PSP

Following Capcom's tradition, Monster Hunter Pocket 2 will have an enhanced version with G. This time, instead of making Monster Hunter for home phones, Capcom saw the promise of a new game on consoles, Monster Hunter Pocket 2G, based on Pocket 2.

There are new weapons, new maps, and new G-level missions. This time around, the G quest will give the hunter new material to build more powerful gear. As usual, some monster subspecies and rare species have been added. Unique individuals have been added, such as the Grand Commander of the Passion. Added new equipment for the Tib system, etc. Most importantly, lone Wolf hunters who can't go online don't have to be alone at last -- minion cats.

7. Monster Hunter 3

Release time: 2009.08.01

Distribution platform: Wii

The third book in the series arrives a little later than usual (this is not the No. 2 car, mind you). At the same time, everyone was waiting for the PS3 version of Constellation to come out. Capcom suddenly moved Constellation to the Nintendo console because it was too expensive to develop on the PS3. (Development costs for the Wii are said to be lower, at about a third of those for the PS3.) This was a bit of a surprise to the hunters.

Although somewhat controversial, the game's performance on next-gen consoles has been impressive: the graphics and monster textures have been greatly enhanced. This work contains many of Capcom's novel attempts -- the Hunters' Birth Island is set on an island. And the most prominent bright spot of this seat is to join the water hunting system, it can be said that opened a new era of strange hunting: monsters, almost no first and second generation of unknown. And the unique design of the third generation of monsters, blue stars, are most familiar with the ice tooth dragon, the earth sand dragon, the hammer dragon, and the towel gourd Tyrannosaurus rex. On the game side, the team created a new ecosystem, and the monsters added a new state of fatigue, i.e., drooling. The weapon aspect is added new weapon chopping axe. Perhaps considering it unscientific to play the flute underwater, the hunting flute, blunderbuss, bow and double sword were removed. The most noticeable change in other weapons is air blade rotary chopping, which can improve air blade setting. The damage is greater, but the most important is more handsome, so people always can't help but cut two more knives. So, on the whole, Capcom has designed a new game environment in good faith.

8. Monster Hunter Pocket 3

Available time: 2010.12.01

Distribution platform: PSP

This generation of portable version is a blockbuster! He took it back to the Sony platform (Sosso smiles) and turned it into one of the most iconic PSP games in history, a time when many of the country's older hunters fell into the same hole.

The stage of the hunters came to the East Asian hot spring holy land - Jieyun Village. On the game side, the water hunting system has been removed. In terms of weapons, all weapon types removed from the console version are back. It's worth noting that the hunting feel of the game is silky, and it's arguably one of the most accessible in the series.

9. Monster Hunter 3G

Release time: 2011.12.10

Release Platform: 3DS

Due to the PSP limitations, Capcom made a jump, and the enhanced version of the third generation is back in Nintendo's arms, replacing the title of the portable version, which suggests that this will be a legitimate sequel to the series. And Capcom has been releasing legitimate sequels on the 3DS for a long time.

The aquatic hunting system returns in this game. Monsters, the new monsters' new subspecies, increased the popularity of the cover monster - broken dragon. G-level missions are coming again. With the new engine, the game's graphics and viewing have been improved.

10. Monster Hunter 4

Release time: 2013.09.14

Release Platform: 3DS

Monster Hunter 4, a series that took longer and more time to polish than ever before, has officially arrived on the 3DS.

Relative to the previous "Monster Hunter 3G", it can only be face to face online; Monster Hunter 4 is done online hunting WiFi online. And this attempt to add a story system, the game has the most significant number of series of NPCs. In terms of monsters, many monsters from the previous three generations were added based on the newly designed monsters, which formed a new ecosystem together. Not only will it bring tears to the eyes of veteran hunters, but it will also be a way for new players to learn about their predecessors. The wide variety of monsters also makes hunting a monotonous task. In combat, the underwater hunting system has been removed. For the first time, the concept of terrain difference has been introduced, allowing hunters to use handsome jumping attacks while falling from heights. A riding system was introduced, and walls were finally able to jump.

I don't know if you noticed, but it's been very similar to the monster hunter world since the beginning of the game.

11. Monster Hunter 4G

Available time: October 11, 2014

Release Platform: 3DS

Monster Hunter 4G adds the most difficult G-level missions in the series. Added map of the old desert. They adjusted some balance in IV. Some weapon moves have been added. In terms of sales, the fourth generation second series has sold more than 8 million units.

12. Monster Hunter X

Available time: November 28, 2015

Release Platform: 3DS

The naming of the X letter is a departure from the tradition of naming it after Arabic numerals, and it will be the culmination of works that include the whole system. Sure enough, except for some newly designed monsters, many familiar monsters were introduced, which once again brought tears to the eyes of the old hunters (buy, buy, or buy?).

Koko Village, Pokai Village, Jieyun Village return, part of the old map return. This game in the fighting aspect also carried out a relatively significant innovation, the hunting skills and hunting style. The game's producers also say that X looks like the upper space is divided into four, so there will be four hunting methods, four giant main monsters, and four villages.

Not only does this work appeal to old players, but it's also highly recommended work for new players who want to know more about the historical series. And the enhanced version of the game no longer bears the name G, and a new era seems to be upon us.

13. Monster Hunter XX

Release time: 2017.03.18

Release Platform: 3DS

To keep the old hunters from spitting, I can only say that Monster Hunter X is already perfect, so much so that Monster Hunter XX has not changed much.

14. World of Monster Hunter

Available time: 2018.01.26

Release platform: PS4Xbox OnePC

I don't need to say much about this, but I'm sure that even those of you who have never played the Monster Hunter series have heard of the name, and if you check out Site B regularly, you will have been Tweet Monster Hunter: World live. As a soft potato, I can tease that the Xbox version doesn't have Chinese

15. Monster Hunter World: Icefields

Available at: 2019.09.06

Available on: XBOXPS4PC

Although renamed, it is a DLC for Monster Hunter: World.

16. Monster Hunter: Rise

Available at: 2021.03.26

Distribution platform: Switch exclusive one year

I don't have to say more about this; look at the price of the entity card will know that this does not buy is not a person.

But for the physical cassettes that have skyrocketed in price, the author's suggestion is to buy the Japanese or Hong Kong version of the cassette because only the Japanese and Hong Kong versions will have Chinese.

For the new hunter, not anxious if you can first cool customs clearance and then wait for the card's price to fall back to buy (a second-hand card to basic white piano). Or when it's on another platform, because that's what the Switch does, and video games, well... The picture is very touching.

Finally, buy a national Pro joycon joystick, as the joycon joystick is shorter, so it doesn't work very well in gaming. As to why recommend legal channels, it is to take a fancy to its warranty.