Nvidia teamed up with MediaTek to develop ARM-based games

Apr 16,2021

In addition to some new products for the server platform, Nvidia also announced that it has officially confirmed its partnership with MediaTek. The company is working with MediaTek on ARM titles that will be delivered in a combination of MediaTek processors and Nvidia GeForce RTX graphics cards.

In the future, Nvidia's RTX laptop graphics cards will support ARM architecture CPUs, bringing optical pursuit and AI technology to the ARM platform. At present, both sides have developed an SDK reference platform that supports Chromium and Linux two open source systems.

In addition, Nvidia officially released the DPU, CPU, and GPU product roadmap, which describes the product plan from 2021 to 2025. As we see, there is a gap in 2021 and there will be no big moves this year, which means there will definitely be no RTX 40 series this year, at most minor changes to the RTX 30, or even no minor changes at all.


According to previous reports, the core architecture of the next-generation GPU was code-named Grace Hopper, but the roadmap puts this architecture within the CPU family, and the GPU section is later labeled Ampere Next (2022), Ampere Next Next (2024), and Ampere Next Next (2024). So far the rumors have proved wrong.

The overall roadmap is regrettable. The industry believes that the Ampere architecture is very strong, and the launch schedule of new architecture products will be delayed due to the shortage of cards.