New Year Gifts for friends - Soseki Portable Washing Machine

Dec 29,2020

Whenever the summer is hot, human beings often lament that air conditioning is a great invention. The washing machine, which is usually used every day, is also a great invention. Since the introduction of the washing machine, human beings have one more way to be lazy.


Every day after the shower, clothes to a throw, laundry detergent a pour, and then do their own thing to go, the rest of the washing machine to help you get done, but still some clothes still can not escape the fate of another hand wash.

For example, intimate underwear, baby clothes and so on, and ordinary outer wear clothes mixed washing, always feel that will be contaminated with bacteria, especially children's clothing.


Like milk stains and urine stains on baby clothes; grease and dander on towels. It takes time and effort to scrub clean by hand!

In order to solve these problems for everyone, we found this lazy person laundry gods - Soseki portable folding washing machine!

It is a New Year gift for friends who are hygienic, clean, or have children.

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New Year Gifts for friends - Soseki Portable Washing Machine Small and beautiful

Unlike traditional impressions of bulky washing machines, this soseki folding washing machine is less than 1/4 the size of a traditional washing machine, with a minimalist Japanese style design and matcha color scheme. No matter where it is placed, it will fit in seamlessly with the home style.

The designer is Miyazaki Naori, a graduate of Tama Art University and former head of product design for the home appliance category of Japan's leading BRUNO and MUJI brands.

New Year Gifts for friends - Soseki Portable Washing Machine Bringing happiness to life

Like our usual lazy hand washing underwear, put into the conventional washing machine and fear of cross-infection, boiling water ironing worry wrinkled deformation, with this Soseki folding washing machine, cleaning + anti-bacteria easily done!

Spiral wave wheel, with accurate washing speed, intelligent imitation hand washing. While powerfully removing stains, it gently turns the clothes without hurting or deforming them.


New Year Gifts for friends - Soseki Portable Washing Machine For clothing decontamination

There are two ways to remove bacteria.

1 Anti-bacteria wave wheel.

It can make the protease in the body of bacteria inactivated by nano-silver technology to eliminate the breeding of bacteria from the root, and create a clean laundry space for your family.

2 pasteurized antibacterial: the

The bottom and the wave wheel are made of high temperature resistant material, you can add 70-80 ℃ warm water for soaking and washing, the washing process to achieve simultaneous sterilization, easy to solve the clean trouble of intimate clothing, save time and effort.

PS: Do not add more than 80 ℃ hot water to wash clothes.

Of course, the anti-bacterial effect can be more than just lip service, it also did a professional anti-bacterial test. The results show that it has an antibacterial rate of 99.9% against common bacteria such as E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Candida albicans.

New Year Gifts for friends - Soseki Portable Washing Machine Easy to operate  

No need to install, plug in the electricity can be used directly. And easy to operate, a key to open the washing sterilization, the elderly can be taught that will.

Hidden drain valve, after washing without dumping drainage, directly open the plug to take into the bathroom to drain, convenient and labor-saving.

4.5L can wash multiple small clothes at once, each time only 10 minutes, wash only 0.002 degrees of electricity, really save water, save time, and save electricity!

In the time it takes to take a shower and wipe your hair, your underwear can be cleaned by the Soseki Portable Washing Machine.

Not only intimate clothing, other small items can also be put into the wash, socks, children's dolls, towels, wash with it can achieve the purpose of germ removal.

New Year Gifts for friends - Soseki Portable Washing Machine Easy to carry 

I must also mention its folding design, a gentle pressure becomes very thin, only 11cm, business travel can also take.

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Small size, super suitable for renters, small households, when not in use can also be convenient storage, does not take up space, with the use of the collection.

Comfortable carrying handle is also convenient to move, very intimate, with the take and put effortlessly.

After folding, you can directly into the suitcase, but also allows you to bring a lot less change of underwear socks.

New Year Gifts for friends - Soseki Portable Washing Machine Low-noise operation

Soseki Portable Washing Machine uses a pure copper motor, which not only has a long life and low energy consumption, but also runs super quietly.

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Laundry will not disturb your family's rest or interfere with work and play.

The overall use of TPE material, thick and tight does not leak, high temperature resistance is not easy to aging, test stretching tens of thousands of times also folded.

Moreover, traditional washing machines need to be cleaned often after a long time, especially the barrel is wet and easy to breed bacteria.

This washing machine is injection molded, the surface is very smooth, after using the natural drying can, easily inhibit the growth of bacteria. Such a good-looking and useful mini washing machine, used its partners, are full of praise for it!

As New Year gifts to friends, I'm sure they will be surprised.