New Year Gifts for baby - 0-3 years old baby must have 10 toys

Dec 31,2020

In fact, 0 to 3 years old babies do have some necessary toys, some are auxiliary toys, some are not needed, and some are harmful.

Here, Baby Center, a famous American parenting website, invited some professional parenting professionals to share their experience in buying toys in order to let moms take the road less traveled.

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Today we summarize the 10 kinds of mothers agree that the most needed toys 0-3 years old, if your family or close friends happen to have a 0 to 3-year-old baby, these toys as a New Year's gift for babies, is the most appropriate choice.

Age stage: 0-3 months

New Year Gifts for baby - Pacifiers

Reason: A common way to distract and soothe an infant is to use a pacifier.


Incidentally, children will generally voluntarily give up the pacifier at 1 year of age, although there are exceptions that require parental guidance.

New Year Gifts for baby - Baby gym frame

Reason: The use of baby gym is good for baby to calm down, because it is generally equipped with moving sculpture device, baby will gaze at these sculptures in the awake state.

In addition, the baby gym is also conducive to baby practice kicking and stirring and head lifting movements.

Age stage: 4-10 months

New Year Gifts for baby - Tactile toys

Including touch books, toy books, plush toys, etc.


Reason: The baby's desire to use small hands to explore will gradually increase, this time to give the baby some special materials and design touch, can greatly satisfy the baby's desire to explore.

Some touch will make a squeaky sound of toys, but also very recommended! In addition, plush toys in addition to touch, but also to meet the baby's reliance on the object to bring a sense of security and comfort.

New Year Gifts for baby - Teething bars

Reason: For babies who are almost teething, their teething beds will become softer and chewing on items with some hardness will significantly ease the discomfort of the teething period.

Some teething sticks are available with some chopped fruit in them, allowing the baby to bite while sucking on some juice.

Age stage: 11-18 months

New Year Gifts for baby - Building Blocks

Why: At this age, it's essential for babies to have something that gives them a chance to practice the art of stacking.

Using blocks to allow your baby to practice building skills by grasping, stacking and sequencing is essential, and don't care if your baby can stack great, because they love to knock the blocks around too!

New Year Gifts for baby - Toy ball


Reason: Children of this age, and an obvious feature is that they like to push some items and watch them move.

In addition, the toy ball can be the baby can play from 6 months until 3 years old items, many mothers are highly recommended to buy.

Age stage: 19-28 months

New Year Gifts for baby - Bucket, shovel toys


Reason: Taking a bucket and shovel to the beach or park to play in the sand provides great satisfaction for your baby to be able to handle a task independently.

Lift, fill, dump and so on busy work state is necessary for the baby's growth process.

New Year Gifts for baby - Picture books

Reason: If we recommend toy books and touch books for children from 4 to 10 months; then after 19 months, we can introduce some picture books with beautiful pictures and wonderful story content.

At this time the child's attention can be focused for a short period of time, the mother can use this small period of time to explore and discuss the contents of the book with the baby.

Age stage: 29-36 months

New Year Gifts for baby - Puzzles

Why: Puzzles that are a little difficult to complete are great toys for children at this stage.

Puzzles are a small challenge to exercise hand-eye skills, and with good parental guidance, babies will get a great sense of accomplishment from the puzzle game.

New Year Gifts for baby - Balance bike


Reason: Recently balance car is really popular at home and abroad, it is not the same as a bicycle, the bicycle pedals are removed, the child needs to use both feet to pedal the ground to make the car run.

Pedal balance bike can let their hands and feet are exercised, but also to develop the child's motor literacy, why not?

These toys are perfect as New Year gifts for children, if you have not yet purchased, quickly prepared.