Gift for kids and adults - To help people relax, LEGO launches new Botanical series.

Dec 31,2020

Lego fans can already build toys ranging from Star Wars Millennium Falcon to Batman's bat car, but now the toy company wants to attract fans with a brand new Botanical (plant) series. The LEGO series may become a fresh gift for both kids and adults.

Gift for kids and adults lego plant

It is reported that the series will be launched in January this year, including the production of realistic bonsai trees and colorful bouquets of kit.

According to Lego Play-Well Study 2020 research, 70 percent of adults are looking for new ways to relieve stress. Lego believes playing with such toys can bring positive energy and relieve stress to busy adults every day.

Gift for kids and adults lego plant 2

"I think a lot of people are looking for ways to adjust their emotions and relax," Jemie Berard, head of design at Lego Group, said in a statement. We are pleased to be able to help you find comfort in your busy daily life through this beautiful Lego plant series ."

Among them, Lego Bonsai Tree can make two kinds of trees-green and cherry trees. Besides, players can also create new trees to reflect seasonal changes. Also, there are pink frogs hidden in cherry petals. This set of tools also includes a rectangular flower pot and a wooden base.

Lego Flower Bouquet allows users to create goldfish, roses, poppies, purple garden, daisies, and even bulrush. The stem length of these flowers is adjustable so that they can easily fit any size vase.

It is understood that these Lego plant building blocks are made of plant-derived plastic elements made from sustainable sugarcane. And the suits will be on sale at Japan's Lego store, Rakuten's Benefic Store, and Amazon.