Cool gifts for boyfriend - AutoBot Handheld Car Vacuums

Dec 11,2020

Many people have cars that are shiny and bright on the surface, yet the nooks and crannies of the car are hiding dirt. Hair, cookie crumbs, gravel spilled everywhere, dust piled up in the corners.

Of course for most people with cars, cleaning the interior of the car really requires a great deal of courage. To deal with the dirt inside the car, you still have to always have a vacuum cleaner in the car.

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But the traditional vacuum cleaner with a power cord, not good to take also particularly bulky. And some wireless vacuum cleaners, small suction power, short life, and very chicken, leading to buy instead of commonly used.

Recently discovered this AutoBot V3 Handheld Car Vacuum, not only the suction power is super strong to 10000 Pa, the life is also very good, compact and lightweight, wireless design is convenient to use thieves, cost-effective also high. As Cool gifts for boyfriend is very suitable!

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Cool gifts for boyfriend - AutoBot Handheld Car Vacuums Function

  • 10000Pa suction power, easy to cope with all kinds of dirt

  • 6000mAh battery for long life

  • Multi-accessories for home and car to meet the needs of many scenarios

  • Small and portable, can be placed anywhere

  • Built-in silent cotton, reduce noise

  • Strong suction power, gently move to suck clean dirt

Cool gifts for boyfriend - AutoBot Handheld Car Vacuums Strong suction power

This wireless vacuum cleaner has a suction power of 10000Pa, what is this concept? Even the Macbook pro can be securely sucked, hanging upside down will not fall down!

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The market's car wireless vacuum cleaner, generally in the 3000Pa, more expensive can do about 5000Pa, AutoBot V3 suction power directly multiplied several times.

Powerful suction, just like a tornado, not only can vacuum, larger particles of coffee powder can be easily handled.

There are also larger snack crumbs, nuts, etc., can easily be sucked away, the fighting power of the bar.

With AutoBot Handheld Car Vacuums, the leftover snack crumbs, hair debris on the cushions, the trash on the foot pads, the dust in the crevices, can be easily cleaned up clean.

Give it to your boyfriend as Cool gifts, so that he can have a clean carriage and the rider will have a comfortable ride.

Such powerful suction is mainly due to its dual-blade motor. The greater the airflow, the greater the vacuum inside the vacuum cleaner and the more powerful the suction.

After cleaning the car, you can look at the dust flotsam and jetsam in the transparent dust collection bin, you have no idea how dirty the interior of the car can be!

The filter of the dust collection bin is also nano-grade, efficient dust lock, after using the dirty stuff dumped, rinse with water, dry and can be used again.

Cool gifts for boyfriend - AutoBot Handheld Car Vacuums Wireless operation

AutoBot V3 wireless design, used to know how convenient: where the dirty suction where, without dragging a cumbersome little tail.

The advantage is obvious when used in the car, comes with a rechargeable battery, no power cord connection, whether it is the front seat, back seat or car trunk, all done.

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It is within the set, the combination of accessories are also many, according to the different corners, their own choice to arrange the combination of different accessories Oh.

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The mat is the hardest hit area on the car, in the machine's strong suction second become clean! The dust inside the gap of the air vent grill also has no place to hide, while brushing and sucking, the effect is very obvious!

The seat crevices can't be spared either. There is also the trunk, as a place for storage, dust and dirt are more easily handled by.

In addition to using it in the car, AutoBot Handheld Car Vacuums can also be used at home to clean the bed, bookshelves, sofa crevices, and keyboard crevices.

Cool gifts for boyfriend - AutoBot Handheld Car Vacuum Long life span

AutoBot Handheld Car Vacuums have such strong suction power, but the range is not left behind. The usual car vacuums may take more than ten hours to recharge after one use... just think of the crash!

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AutoBot V3 has a 6000mAh battery, which takes only 3 hours to fully charge. Once charged, it is enough to clean the front and back of the car. After all, it has a high suction power and high power, and compared with similar products, AutoBot V3's range is not losing at all.

Plugged into the car can be charged, very convenient.

It is also very quiet to use. The vacuum cleaner has a built-in silent cotton at the air outlet, which is very effective in reducing noise.

The body is not heavy, 689g. more than a pound of weight, one-handed hold can be operated especially convenient, cleaning up easily and freely.

When put away does not take up space, small and portable, disassembled body is only 32.6 cm, can be handy in the car door pocket or passenger compartment.

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This AutoBot V3 wireless car vacuum cleaner, just 10000 Pa suction power, has been properly killed a lot of similar products. 

It's not expensive, but it can keep tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of cars clean and fresh for a long time, so it's too suitable as Cool gifts for boyfriends with cars.