Cool Gadgets - SimpliSafe social distance sweater, LED lights up and alerts when someone approaches

Dec 29,2020

An unprecedented era requires an unprecedented sweater, so SimpliSafe Social Distancing Sweater came out, and when others walk within six feet of the wearer, it alerts. This COVID-19 era sweater is a creative PR for home safety system supplier SimpliSafe. But the company did produce a working prototype of the pullover.

"Remind your family that you're happy to meet them, but it's better to stay six feet away," the video said. SimpliSafe says when many people give up their usual holiday parties, its social isolation sweater is designed to bring a touch of relief to the challenging holiday season.

It is understood that the sweater is equipped with a motion sensor, it can determine when others are too close. "Four low-resolution thermal imaging cameras are used to monitor your entire surroundings," SimpliSafe said. This simple algorithm calculates the baseline temperature of the background and then looks for a warm body nearby ."

But SimpliSafe has a limited number of sweaters, but for those interested in upgrading their pullovers or making their own wired pullovers from scratch, the company also released detailed production instructions. One microcontroller, one small speaker, one MicroSD card, LED lamp, wire, and one USB power switch. Also,3 D of printing, welding, and programming experience add to this process.

SimpliSafe added a number of legal disclaimers to the sweater, one of which is clear that no one should consider it a perfect virus protection tool. The aim of Social Distancing Sweater is to be an interesting holiday topic rather than a serious COVID-19 prevention tool. Please follow CDC guidelines and local laws and regulations ."