Christmas gifts 2020 for Kids - Drosea Eyes Mask for eye relaxation

Dec 10,2020

Children spend a lot of time studying with books, and their eyes need to be properly relaxed after a long time, and nowadays they are even often on computers and cell phones, so their eyes are prone to itchiness and dryness. Today, we recommend an Eyes Mask that is used by children and adults around us.

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Wear it squint for a while, dry eyes, sore, tired can be swept away. No need to plug in but like an eye massage, but also can help reduce the blue circles, eye blisters.

Many people waste their sleep time, and we should use it to help blood circulation in the eyes. Wearing this Drosea Eyes Mask to bed will help children to release the pressure on their eyes while they sleep, achieving eye protection and protecting their eyesight.

If you have children at home with chronic sore, dry and painful eyes, you must try it. Drosea Eyes Mask is good for the health of the body and eyes, and it is a perfect Christmas gift for Kids!

Christmas gifts 2020 for for Kids - Drosea Eyes Mask Developed by experts

The expert in the development of this Drosea Eyes Mask is very impressive, he is really involved in the whole development process, just for this eye mask improvement suggestions, he has put forward 59 references.

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Experts believe that the contour of the eye mask should be ergonomic and the design of the grooves in the eye area should be tailored to the shape of the Chinese eye sockets to reduce the feeling of pressure on the eyeballs. So, you won't feel uncomfortable with this Drosea Eyes Mask, but you can really sleep until dawn.

Even people who did not have the habit of wearing eye masks to bed before will like it, especially teenagers, who have used good ones will know what the difference is with ordinary eye masks. We have feedback from mothers that their children wear them for one night and say they are really comfortable!

Even if children do not suffer from dry eyes, Drosea Eyes Mask, which is good for eye health, is a perfect Christmas gift for kids!

With the microcirculation tester, we can see that wearing the Drosea Eyes Mask covered for 5 minutes, the far infrared rays emitted by the discretionary hiccups in the eye mask cause the blood vessels around the eyes to dilate slightly, helping the microcirculation of blood.

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In this way, the highly stressful eye pressure is released, not only to relax the eyes, but also to soothe the eye fatigue of young people and protect vision.

Christmas gifts 2020 for for Kids - Drosea Eyes Mask Patented technology

Why can an ordinary-looking eye mask help protect our eyes? Simply put, it's thanks to the Drosea film inside the eye mask.

When we put on the eye mask, the Drosea in the eye mask will convert the heat into the 4-14 micron waveband, which is often referred to as far infrared rays, after it comes in contact with and absorbs our body heat. It really helps us to slightly dilate the blood vessels around the eyes and helps blood microcirculation.

The effects of far infrared rays on human health have long been scientifically proven. As research has progressed over the years, scientists have discovered that there is a wavelength of 4-14 microns in the far infrared ray, which is beneficial to human health and is called "life light wave". This is the band of far infrared rays released by this eye mask, as mentioned earlier.

Therefore, Drosea Eyes Mask really helps the metabolism of the skin around your eyes and accelerates the elimination of "waste" in the blood. Wearing it to bed every night is the same as giving your eyes a relaxing massage. When you wake up, your vision is much clearer, not dry, not astringent, not tired, and even the blue circles have become lighter!

Christmas gifts 2020 for for Kids - Drosea Eyes Mask Fit without pressure on the eyes

We've been using this eye mask for a few months and it's even better than the hundreds of dollars of silk eye masks we bought before in terms of use and comfort and light blocking!

Its far-infrared effect can help blood circulation around the eyes, but also no heat eye mask low-temperature burn worries, you can let the children sleep with confidence all night wearing. Such a thoughtful Christmas gift for kids to care for them more than suitable.

After adjusting the right tension, wear almost no feeling, very close to the head, left and right how to turn no extra bump cluck to the head, and will not leak light, a good night's sleep, sleep quality straight up.

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Ordinary eye masks always feel like a blur in front of your eyes when you take them off in the morning, which is a sign that your eyeballs are being compressed. Wearing this kind of eye mask not only does not relax you but also keeps your eyes tense, so it is not recommended for teenagers to wear ordinary eye masks, but Drosea Eyes Mask is especially recommended.

This eye mask is also set up specifically for adults and teenagers, because the pupil distance of adults and teenagers is different, more than 15 years old teenagers can consider the adult version, children under 15 years old can choose the teenage version, with independent packaging and dust bag storage, as a Christmas gift to kids, hope that children grow up healthy.