Bluetooth-based Ambler LolliPods Pros are the rave reviews of the Apple iPods

Mar 29,2021

As a popular product among young people, the Bluetooth headset is regarded as a gift or an indispensable small digital product by many people. I've also had a lot of people ask me to recommend a Bluetooth headset, and.


As a student, I don't have that much budget, so today, I would like to recommend you a personal Bluetooth headset -- the Rambler Lollipods Pro.

First of all, the price must be right. Since the students are going to buy AirPods, the price must be right. A lot of people might be put off by the price.


And often discounted, more than 300 pieces of price, I believe that there is no difficulty for everyone, the first is that the price will have the desire to let you see.

Suitable for students, good enough experience

Not that the price is low quality is not standard, sometimes you can also pick up leakage, such as this. Because this one just launched with "noise reduction" as its most prominent feature, each product has its own


The core technology, this, of course, is noise reduction. "Make the World Quiet" is a catchy slogan that allows you to listen to your favourite songs in the classroom or the library while wearing headphones.

Or listen to a book, listen to a paragraph of hearing, let their heart calm down. And as a student, naturally, playing games is an entertainment project. Low delay is born for games, and there will be no synchronization of sound effects and images.

The phenomenon makes your game more smooth.


Perhaps we have all encountered such a situation: is plugged in the headset after the game screen will become stagnant, and wearing the headset after the feeling is very awkward. This is all because of the high latency of your headphones.

It's your game!

Light, low and portable, fast charging speed


In the design standard of earphone, there must be one: light and small, easy to carry, can't become a nuisance to people; Charging is fast and can't take too long to charge, which can cause trouble for people. It follows this.

Design Principles The Ramblers Lollipods Pro has changed appearance and weight, as well as improved battery life.

The entire headset's weight is negligible when held in your hand, as the individual headset weighs only 4.6 grams, and the headset compartment weighs only 34 grams, which is "as light as a feather," in this case.

The portability goal has been achieved. What about battery life? The headphones' selling point is called "10 minutes of charging and 1 hour of listening". When you need to use the headphones, charge them for 10 minutes.

Electricity can satisfy an hour of use and no longer have to worry about constantly charging the distress. The battery life in standard mode is up to 20 hours, but you can also turn on noise reduction mode, of course.

The battery life is somewhat reduced as you get a better experience, but it can be more than 15 hours.

There were other surprises. In addition to some of the advantages that Bluetooth headsets must-have, this headset also pays great attention to dust and water resistance, which is aimed at the sports group, because they will encounter downtime when running.

For rain or sweaty conditions, these headphones have been improved for a different experience.

There are many surprises, but also can be called treasure earphone, of course, he also has shortcomings, you can not let a 300 more earphone with thousands of thousands of yuan of earphone all the functions this is not.

For example, although the tone quality says it can achieve a pass line ultimately, and the processing of respect in a few tone quality has its characteristic. Still, whole for did not have particularly outstanding, appear instead.

A little mediocre.

The shortcoming of sound quality can not cover up its overall excellent; I give it the positioning in six words: play the substitute of beauty. Why do you say that? Because a lot of people have been fascinated by AirPods for a long time, but because of the price

So this earphone is the best alternative to Apple earphones in all aspects. If you are tempted, give it a try, it will provide you with a different experience.