Asus has released the world's first 32-inch HDMI 2.1 interface gaming monitor

Jan 14,2021

During CES 2021, Asus unveiled its first HDMI 2.1 port display, the ROG Swift PG32UQ, the world's first 32-inch HDMI 2.1 port gaming monitor.


The display features an IPS panel, 138PPI pixel density, Freesync Premium Pro support (G-Sync Compatible certification), color gamete coverage of 100% sRGB and 98% DCI-p3, Delta E < 2, 1ms grayscale response time, and DisplayHDR 600 certification, which means a maximum brightness of 600 nits.

The high bandwidth of HDMI 2.1 allows lossless 4K 144Hz output through a high-speed cable. Previously, these 4K 144Hz displays mostly relied on one or two DP1.4, but one required DSC compression of part of the picture quality, and two would have increased latency, and a variable refresh rate cannot be turned on.

The PG32UQ will go on sale later in the second quarter for $899 (the Acer XV28 4K 144HZ HDMI2.1) price.