Ambler LolliPods Pro Bluetooth headphones, all-around noise-canceling music headphones

Apr 08,2021

It's my friend's birthday soon, and I was trying to choose a suitable birthday gift for him when a big guy recommended me the Rover Lollipods Pro Bluetooth headphones. I checked the Internet and found that the price was more than 300 yuan, so I chose them without any pressure.


Although the price is not high, this earphone does not disappoint my friends, the performance of all aspects is relatively comprehensive, let me introduce it to you.

1. Appearance level


Rambler LolliPods Pro Bluetooth headsets have nothing to say, on the packaging of the entire design is contracted wind, open box: charging box, headphones, two ears, for the sake of, and a receiving bag, the inner layer is fluffy, well-made and intimate, also send you a small pack of desiccant carefully to prevent the headphones be affected with damp be concerned with damp, complete details.

The Ambler LolliPods Pro comes with three pairs of earmuffs, all of which have been repeatedly adapted and polished for greater comfort. And the Rover Lollipods Pro is IP54 resistant to dust and water, making it easy for sporty friends to sweat a lot.

Second, open a new era of noise reduction.

The Ambler LolliPods Pro is perfect for people who have just graduated from college for a year or two. Its powerful and comprehensive noise reduction capability makes it a significant noise reduction experience for both work and rest.


AI call noise reduction.

There is a square in front of my friend's house. After dinner, my aunt and some of her sisters would start the "graceful" square dance. At this time, if a friend is on the phone with someone, you want to say something. You can't hear clearly, and it's awkward to shout at the top of your voice. But since I got my Ambler Lollipods Pro Bluetooth headphones, my friend can hear me almost as much as my aunt and other sisters are doing.

When I go to work, of course, I have to talk to clients. My friend is a salesman, and the telephone is especially many. Walkers AI call noise reduction technology is more suitable for work!

Active noise control


Our generation's work pressure is not slight. The daily commute may be the only time to have a good rest, but the surrounding noisy environment, whether listening to music, watching TV series, and playing games, is greatly disturbed. The LolliPods Pro uses a hybrid active noise reduction technology that can reduce noise to up to 38dB, which is better than a couple of thousand AirPods Pro models.

Easy to operate, excellent sound quality, low delay rate



This earphone is extremely simple and easy to use simple pairing, simple operation, and support in the Edifier Connect APP to customize the button function. It is very convenient, even if you are a little technology, you can easily do it.

The sound quality

The Walker LOLLIPods Pro Bluetooth headset is equipped with an 8mm diameter polymer composite diaphragm. Combined with the ACC/SBC audio codec technology, the Walker LOLLIPods Pro has excellent sound quality penetration, a low-frequency solid sound field, and good sound resolution.

After all, a good headset can make us better enjoy the world of music, freely play the game, and be happier to follow the drama because this can listen to the most superior timbre.

Delay rate

For my generation, mobile gaming is, of course, a part of everyday life. My best friend likes to play Chick-Eats and King of Glory. The Rovers Lollipods Pro have a low latency of 80ms, so it's great to watch him play.

Four, life


With a single battery life of around five hours, the charging case provides an additional three recharge times and a combined battery life of up to 20 hours; the Rover LolliPods Pro also offers fast charging, so don't worry about battery life.


Many people would rather spend a lot of money on the AirPods Pro than consider domestic products because the early Bluetooth headsets did not get good reviews. Still, in today's rapidly changing Bluetooth market landscape, we have to admit that domestic Bluetooth has surpassed foreign products in many ways. For example, the Ambler LolliPods Pro Bluetooth headphones are comparable to the AirPods Pro in active noise reduction and headphone latency. They should be considered for those interested in a budget.