5 Christmas gifts 2020 for friend - Give them a good night's sleep

Dec 11,2020

Sleep may indeed be a luxury for modern people. Modern life has eroded our sleep, and when we leave the day for work and socializing, the night becomes a rare space of quiet solitude, and going to bed early seems to miss a billion.

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Gradually, tossing and turning becomes a daily routine. What can we do to save our sleep? Counting sheep? Read a book? Meditate? Does it work?

This issue of the goodies recommended, we find some good things to help sleep. These warm and practical small items can be given to friends and yourself as Christmas gifts 2020, wishing friends all a good sleep, take a look together.

1, Christmas gifts 2020 for friend - IKEA lamp

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To have a good sleep, we have to talk about the importance of the sleep hormone - melatonin. This good thing that can calm the sympathetic nerves, but also can lower the body temperature & blood pressure & pulse, so that your body and mind relax from then on to have a baby sleep.

Investigations have shown that simply turning the room to a slight darkness of 150 lux will promote melatonin production.

So, an hour before bedtime to open a small light brewing sleep is necessary! Choose IKEA this one just because it is easy to buy, the value is still available and can adjust the light source.

Try to choose warm light to avoid cold light, because compared to warm light is more sleepy. Do not believe you recall the few times you enjoy the sunset time, is not all look yawning?

When you turn on the lamp, it is also recommended to turn off other unnecessary power sources in the room, such as your cell phone :) How about this lamp as Christmas gifts 2020 for friends, is a very good choice.

2, Christmas gifts 2020 for friend - IRIS Quilt Warmer

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In the middle of winter when you're gritting your teeth at night and getting into a cold, damp futon, that feeling gives you goose bumps. A friend suggested, "You can try a quilt Warmer." Then, the door to a new world opened with a bang.

Unlike electric blankets, the temperature brought by the quilt dryer is from the inside out, and each fiber seems to have just absorbed the sunlight, making the bedding as fluffy and soft as fermented bread.

Since then, lazy as I only need to set it up a dozen or twenty minutes before bedtime every day, I can safely retreat into the warmth of the quilt, and be a restful baby wrapped in warmth.

No more worrying about shivering under the covers every night, even on days when the sun is absent, there is a fluffy and dry warmth.

This is one of the warmest gifts for friends Christmas gifts 2020.

3, Christmas gifts 2020 for friend - Lavender Pillow

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The necessary condition for a good sleep is to have a suitable pillow. Once the pillow is not suitable, the next day it is easy to pillow, muscle pain. It is not easy to pick a pillow with the right softness and height.

I met a handmade lavender pillow at a farmer's market in New York, and brought it home for a moment of fun. I slept on it at night, smelling the faint smell of lavender to fall asleep, and surprisingly, I was not so dependent on melatonin.

In addition to lavender, the pillow is stuffed with hollow fibers to make the hard grass seeds less painful on the back of the head.

Even on business trips, I stubbornly take it with me in the limited luggage space. On a sunny day, I will put it on the windowsill to sunbathe, pat it, and sleep with the smell of sunshine and lavender at night.

Give this lavender pillow to your friends as Christmas gifts 2020 and they will feel happy.

4, Christmas gifts 2020 for friend - Coral fabric Sock

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Socks are a good friend for winter naps. 

Unlike sleeping at night, napping is all about efficiency due to the short time, and there is no basic ritual, a blanket, a suitable position can be. But this time, if the feet are cold, it is basically announced that the trip "dream journey" has not yet begun, has ended.

Unlike the evening nap where you have to relax completely with bare feet, the primary goal of the afternoon nap is to keep your feet warm. At this point, a slightly thicker pair of mid-calf fleece socks is just right.

Seriously, you have probably found that although the feet are the furthest away from the brain, but the only way it is comfortable, you can sleep soundly (especially in winter).

5, Christmas gifts 2020 for friend - Alarm Clock

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An alarm clock brings plenty of security for sleep because it is the embodiment of a sense of time.

Although the phone comes with its own alarm clock, but the phone on the pillow, always give people the temptation to pick up at any time to flip through. Therefore, when I want to resist the temptation brought to me by the phone, I choose this small square alarm clock.

Simple shape, digital dial, will not tick in the quiet night noisy people, want to see the time when a pat, will also emit a soft and not harsh warm light. Whenever the time comes that you have agreed with it, it will wake you up with a gentle but firm voice.

Only when you let go of your mind can you get a real and complete rest. No matter how much is on your mind, get a good night's sleep first, repair the mental trauma brought about by the day with an insatiable sleep, and then start a new day with a solid good mood. These five small gadgets can deepen friendship, as Christmas gifts 2020 for friends more than appropriate.